About us

Nowsad-Montaż Sp. z o. o. is a construction and assembly company providing services in the area of industrial building engineering.
The main area of activity of the company is focused on supervision, execution and assembly of steal buildings and constructions for industry across Poland and abroad. 

The projects entrusted to us are completed by our company in a comprehensive manner relying on our own personnel and a stock of specialist tools and equipment.
We have nearly 100 engineers and workers working for us on a number of construction sites, in our production facilities and management offices. We conduct our investments independently and in partnership with Polish leaders in the field of industrial building. We provide services for various industry branches including companies operating in, among others, sugar, chemical and petrochemical industry.

The projects completed so far by Nowsad-Montaż Sp. z o. o. include:   

  1. Production and assembly of steel constructions of industrial shops, hangars, entertainment and sports halls, and warehouse umbrella roofs  
  2. Production and assembly of frame buildings
  3. Production and assembly of cylindrical and spherical liquid and gas storage tanks
  4. Prefabrication and assembly of process piping made of carbon and acid resistant steel 
  5. Comprehensive construction of industrial process lines
  6. Production, modernization of industrial systems, disassembly of old plant facilities and prefabrication and assembly of new process systems
  7. Fitting of process apparatus and systems (heat exchangers, pumps, reactors, filters,…)
  8. Disassembly of plant facilities and relocation of complete process lines, including whole plants
  9. Thermal insulation of piping and tanks
  10. Anticorrosive protection

We appreciate the confidence and trust our customers have in us. We promise to continue the efforts to meet their expectations. 

You are welcome to learn more about the details of our offer and completed projects.