Mission & Strategy


Our mission is to live up to the present and future requirements of the most demanding customers. The quality of the services provided is a fundamental prerequisite to attain full satisfaction of our customers and gain an advantage on the market. The goal of our activities is to secure a leading market position not only in the field of steel construction and assembly projects, but also in constant expansion and development of the range of our services with a view to accommodating the needs of our customers.

Development strategy

“Nowsad-Montaż 2009-2012” development policy is focused on searching for new ways to develop the range of services on offer so as to provide comprehensive investment completion services. Relying on our long-standing experience in the field of sugar industry investments, our priority is to continue the diversification of activities by executing contracts in various different branches, most notably in the chemical and petrochemical sectors. In 2010 we are going to concentrate on accelerating the development of engineering supervision personnel and establishing our own design office. Apart from that, we will not neglect the development of our own products.