Production of specialized technological components

Based on long-standing experience and knowledge of sugar industry, Nowsad-Montaż Sp. z o. o. produces specialized technological devices used in many domestic and foreign sugar factories.

Scope of production:

  • complete inserts for compactors; stainless and carbon steel, 2-4mm thick frames
  • wire mesh of various sizes and shapes; 2 mm acid resistant, stainless or galvanized steel wire
  • acid mixing tanks for pulp water; acid resistant steel, custom or commissioned design
  • desugarization wash pipes for drum-type filters; acid resistant steel.
  • sulfitation ovens with equipment
  • stainless steel and acid resistant steel stacks
  • juice filters
  • juice heaters
  • bag filters
  • G.P. 100 juice thickeners
  • progressive liming tank with floating shaft
  • stone separators